Modern Africa

Modern Africa

Advantage points for Modern Machinery to work In Africa

1.Manpower; Talented, highly educated and well trained. English, French and Arabic  communication skills. Can easily accommodate with tough conditions at remote areas and different African countries

2.The Unique location of Egypt makes it the gate to Africa for European and Asian international trading.

3.Egypt has all the proper infrastructure to support the business such as: easy logistics over the different ports, advanced telecommunication, advanced banking system and stable economy.

4.From Egypt it’s easy to reach African countries by sea, air and land transportation.

5.Egypt has many regional trading agreements such as COMESA, Agadir.


  • Establishing the company “Modern Africa” in chad since 2018 serving middle and west African countries and transferring the Egyptian experience in desert cultivation
  • Improving irrigation methods with modern systems to plant after raining season.
  • Improving existing crops such as Sesame, Maize, Rice and Wheat by increasing yields, minimizing cost and developing the export supply chain


  • Maintaining, Serving and Supplying spare parts for more than 300 tractors (Same- Duetz Fahr, Lamborghini) with different Hp, running for more than 8 years.
  • Training projects for using advanced technologies.
  • Excellent after sales services with maintenance and supplying spare parts.


  • Working with the official entities to Help farmers to implement modern agriculture systems
  • Create a typical Farm Serving and Supplying of all machinery starting from planning and supplying all pivots systems, pumps, generators, tractors, and harvesters that work in the projects and also give an in deep training for engineer’s workers and operators  for using advanced technologies.

Achievements in other African Countries







Supplying different types of machines and services to the Egyptian farms located in the above-mentioned countries.